1How do I book a photo shoot?

You can email us at admin@federalstudio.com or text us at (213)373-4690 Just provide your company name, the model you would like to shoot with, and approximately how many pieces of clothing you need to shoot!

2 How does the pricing work?

The photo pricing and the model pricing are separate. You can find all photos, information, and pricing (per hour) for all the models on our website. Our photo pricing is also available on our services page.

3Can I stay for the photo shoot?

Of course! Please let us know that you would like to stay for the photo shoot so that we can confirm a time.

4 Do you provide pick-up services of the clothing for the photo shoot?

No. Currently we do not provide this service. You would need to drop-off the samples to our studio. However, we have a convenient alley connected to our entrance where you can easily drop off your clothing.

5 Is there a minimum amount of samples that I need to shoot?

If you’re looking to shoot with a specific model, the model may have a minimum amount of hours that she requires. If you’re flexible, the models on our weekly schedule generally will not require a minimum number of samples.

6 When will I receive my pictures?

We guarantee that the photos will be ready within 24 hours of the photo shoot. However, the photos are provided as soon as we receive payment.

7 How will I get my pictures?

We send you a link through Dropbox! You can download the photos onto your own device or save into your own Dropbox account.

8 What methods of payment do you accept?

You can pay with your credit card through our website once the invoice has been created! Just login under your account and pay the invoice! (Please be advised that each credit card service may be subject to its own credit card fee). You can also pay via check – made payable to: Federal Studio.

9 What type of pictures do I get?

We can accommodate to what you need. Our default is to provide 3 types of photos:

  • ⚫ Original high resolution photos.
  • ⚫ Large photo size for website.
  • ⚫ Small photo size for website.
You will get 3 folders with each size so you can use as needed.

10 Do you have different colored backgrounds or set backgrounds?

Yes! Please see our services page to see what we can do!

11 Can I bring my own model?

Yes! For bringing your own model, we only charge the photo studio fee (by the hour).