The best way to contact us with any questions is via email!

Client Inquiries

Want to use us for your next photo shoot?
Please contact us via email or phone to set up a date and start!
Otherwise, please place a tentative order, and we will contact you for details.

Model Submissions

    • Want to model for us?
      We are always on the lookout for new faces to add to our crew!

    • All we need is your information - name, email, height, and weight
      And 3 photos - We prefer polaroids or ones taken with your cell phone:

      1.    1. Shoulders up (plain clothes and minimal make up),
      2.    2. Full body (plain clothes and minimal make up), and
      3.    3. One of your choice (your best angle)

  • Please include in the subject line : Model Submission - "Your Name"

  • If we like your look, we will email you for a casting/go-see in our studio!

Contact Us

  • 2001 S. Santafe Ave, Unit D,
    Los Angeles, CA 90021

  • +1(213) 992-0028 , +1(213)700-5117,
  • Please feel free to add us on you Kakao. or Txt 

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